Contact Improvisation workshop 4th of December


photo and video credit: Agnieszka Laskus

The basis for CI is touch. As for tango and aikido.
Simple as that. Simple yet complicated…

The point of contact is a bridge through which physical information is conveyed from one body to another. The quality of clarity with which we perceive the flow of information through that bridge (or bridges) is a very important factor, that can take a dance towards proverbial “heaven or hell”. And it is true for all three disciplines.

Our proposition for this meeting is to bring qualities from tango and aikido and merge them with CI. We will cover a fair share of dynamic techniques that will help you to take your CI skills further towards your personal goals. The main aim will be to develop our ability to listen and react effortlessly, controlling your body in a 3-dimensional space.

Please bring your knee pads!
The workshops are suitable for any level of experience in CI, contemporary dance and martial arts, and movement practitioners.

We invite you all for another adventure 🙂

Sebastian Flegiel – contact improvisation dancer and teacher with a broad experience of various movement disciplines from contemporary dance through POI dancing, acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling to Action Theatre and Physical Theatre. Sebastian has been actively popularising CI, organizing CI events, giving classes and workshops. He is a co-founder of website with the main aim of popularizing CI in Poland and Europe. He has been taught by: Nancy Stark Smith (USA), Chris Aiken (USA), Alicia Grayson (USA), Karl Frost (USA), Martin Keogh (USA), Adrien Russi (Szwajcaria), Claire Filmon (Francja), Ray Chung (USA), Simonetta Allesandri (Włochy), Rick Nodine (USA), Charlie Morrissey (Wielka Brytania), Robert Anderson (Wielka Brytania), Thomas Kampe (Wielka Brytania), Andrew Harwood (Wielka Brytania). He is an ECITE (European CI Teachers Exchange) participant. Being a dancer, mover and certified massage therapist, Sebastian has a broad knowledge of the body. He took part in numerous artistic events and projects in the UK, France, Slovakia and Germany; and site-specific performances in Poland, Spain, France, Italy and Slovakia. Fascinated by the fusion of various movement and expression disciplines, Sebastian aims at combining them in CI.

Maga Radlowska – contact improvisation dancer, performer, choreographer, improviser, and teacher. Maga graduated from London Contemporary Dance School and Middlesex University in London. Maga has twelve years professional experience in contemporary dance, physical theatre, contact improvisation and improvisation, and has created and performed in many pieces in international festivals across Europe and the Middle East. Maga has worked with companies, dancers and choreographers such as Jose Vidal Company, Bettina Carpi, Paweł Matyasik and Nadar Rosano. In 2013 and 2014 Maga performed for Zawirowanie Dance Theatre in Israel, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Croatia and Portugal. She has been taught by: Melissa Monteros, Wojciech Mochniej, Gabriella Koch, Nita Little, Ray Chung, Daniel Kramer, Frauke Requardt, Robert Anderson, Katy Dymoke, Simonetta Allesandri, Rick Nodine, Charlie Morrissey, Robert Anderson, Thomas Kampe, Andrew Harwood. Magdalena was co-organiser for ECITE 2013 in Poland. Maga has been nominated for scholarships and won several awards, most recently winning first prize in the Warsaw Polish Platform Choreography Contest. Her award-winning work in the community sector has been presented across Europe and attracted interest from national media. Maga is co-director and choreographer of the International Dance Festival in Poland. She regularly teaches CI workshops, and London Contact Improvisation classes, as well as being a lecturer in CI at Middlesex University.

Cost: full price: £45
concession £40

Where: The Factory 407-409 Hornsey Rd , London , N19 4DX London

When: 4th of December from 11.00-17.00

Booking and information:
fb: Maga Radlowska
(+44) 07469731801

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