Contact Improvisation workshop 4th of December

photo and video credit: Agnieszka Laskus The basis for CI is touch. As for tango and aikido. Simple as that. Simple yet complicated… The point of contact is a bridge through which physical information is conveyed from one body to another. The quality of clarity with which we perceive the flow of information through that bridge (or bridges) is a very important factor, that can take a dance towards proverbial “heaven or hell”. And it is true for all three disciplines. Our proposition for this meeting is to bring qualities... Read The Rest →

IV Intenational Dance Festival in Poland 25th -27th of November

This is our 4th edition of the International Dance Festival in Poland, which this year will consist of 80 participants from 7 cities in 3 countries, and feature 7 performances. I am very proud to be directing and co-organising the festival, as well as choreographing and performing myself! We are delighted to invite our special guest artists Helen Kindred and Benjamin Dwyer, from London. Helen is a dancer, choreographer and teacher and will lead a free workshop; the workshop is open to everybody and will include a presentation at the... Read The Rest →

Workshop Animal Radio 15th of May

A 4-hour intensive workshop fusing together contact improvisation and contemporary dance with capoeira techniques. The concept is to provide a general background and language these disciplines, combining them with the participants’ own ideas. The workshops are led by Animal Radio Collective and are suitable for beginnners to advanced dancers, or just anyone interested in exploring animalistic and organic ways of moving. The number of places are limited. If you are interested please email: More information about our work: Workshop prices: -Those who have been on previous workshop... Read The Rest →

Teaching workshop at the Migrations Europa Exchange Festival 16th of February Round Chapel

Migrations Europa Exchange was a mini festival celebrating the positive contribution migrants bring to Britain and London life. It was hosted at the Round Chapel Hackney from the 16th-18th February 2016. Activities took place in and around this venue. The festival involved an educational tour through the Jewish quarters in Hackney, an art exhibition presenting migrants’ work, folk dance workshops as well as a dance and dinner performance evening, presenting new commissions by dancers of all ages and abilities. Prior to the festival itself there were pop up performances at... Read The Rest →

Animal Radio performing at the Resolution Festival

Book my face 4 Book My Face’ Did you like your face today? A look at how virtual identity affects the inner instinctive animal in us all, expressed through a unique fusion of contemporary dance, capoeira and contact with live music and projection. The possibilities of creating new personal identities through the proliferation of social media, and the extent at which the identities we inhabit impact on our movement patterns, provoked us into researching the complexity of this issue. Book My Face portrays the influence of social media and contradiction... Read The Rest →

Workshop Contact Impovisation/ Dance and Capoeira Fusion Animal Radio 6th of December

Animal Radio Collective ‚s Dance and Movement Workshop for beginners and advanced This workshop is part of our crowdfunding program for our new performance Book My Face. In this workshop we are going to give an introduction to different dance and movement techniques which we are exploring in our creative process. Workshop will be divided into two parts: Contact improvisation and Contemporary Dance/Capoeira Fusion. These will include release technique, yoga, elements of gaga, spiral dynamics, acrobatic basics and floor work. The workshop will be suitable for beginnners to advanced dancers,... Read The Rest →

Community Dance Project, Poland

W ramach programu „OrlikLab” wczoraj w Dąbrowie nad Czarną odbyła się premiera spektaklu tanecznego „W poszukiwaniu jutra”. Tańczyli uczniowie gimnazjum im. Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego. Wydarzenie wspierali nasi Latający Animatorzy: Adam Kadenaci na etapie zbierania materiałów i Maga Radłowska przy tworzeniu scenariusza, choreografii i koordynowania prób. „W poszukiwaniu jutra” O miłości, która nie zna granic. Siła miłości jest niesamowita. Potrafi związać ze sobą dwójkę osób na całe życie. Los może wystawiać związek na różne próby, jednak nawet największe przeciwności nie są w stanie zniszczyć uczucia, jakim darzą się ludzie. Każdy z... Read The Rest →

F R U # 8 CI Festiwal, Lodz F R U # 8 Festival – „CI vs INSPIRATIONS” 1 4 – 1 8 O c t o b e r 2 0 1 5 ! We start Registration at 23:55 on 10th of September!!! „CI vs INSPIRATIONS” – This time we will also explore knowledge from other forms of movement and we will try to take those skills into CI. >>>Teachers: PART 1 > Awake-Warm-Up/Ashtanga Yoga: Majka Justyna PART 2 > Contact Improvisation: Kama Jankowska, Maga Radłowska, Sebastian Flegiel, Michal Ratajski PART 3 > CI vs Inspirations:... Read The Rest →

Migrations Europa Exchange Festival

Migrations Europa Exchange is a mini festival celebrating the positive contribution migrants bring to Britain and London life. It will be hosted by the Round Chapel Hackney from 16-18 February 2016. Activities will take place in and around this venue. The festival will involve an educational tour through Jewish quarters in Hackney, an art exhibition presenting migrants’ work, folk dance workshops as well as a dance and dinner performance evening, presenting new commissions by dancers of all ages and abilities. Prior to the festival itself there will be pop up... Read The Rest →

Animal Radio launched

Book My Face is a new production of Animal Radio and it’s collaboration between two dancers/choreographers, a live musician and a Professor of Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Through our experiences in contemporary dance, physical theatre, authentic movement, capoeira, contact improvisation and release technique, we intend to create a unique fusion of these dance styles with live music and text. The overriding theme of the performance will be contradiction. Through expressive movement, atmospheric music and emotive text, we intend to create an atmosphere onstage that will vary between intimate/cosy and dynamic/oppressive.

Contact Improvisation Workshop

    CI Peaceful Dynamics Workshop Revisited Our body and minds need to be in tune with each other, in order to keep us safe and relaxed during dance. This can only happen with the help of breath, but as natural as it can be breath often is forgotten. Our proposition will help to resolve breathing issues which will then allow us to explore more advance technical scenarios. Always maintaining a conscious awareness of what is happening within our own kinesphere, and within our partners’ one as well, this understanding... Read The Rest →

Community Dance Project

Dance2Explore was launched in 2015 as a new kind of dance school. The founders, Leonie Campbell and Magdalena Radlowska, both have a passion for dance and wanted to create a unique school that engages people in all ages, abilities and creativity. As a team they are both committed to channeling their talents and experience into creating worthwhile projects with real and tangible results and effects. Leonie and Magdalena have been involved in many projects, the latest being ‘The Alchemy Project’ by Dance United company. The aim of D2E is to... Read The Rest →

CI Peaceful dynamics Workshop

  We would like to dive for a while into a world that is so obvious, we do not think about it often enough: the world of breathing. We’d like to listen in and investigate it from a body point of view. This will reveal that our body, when in-tune with breathing, constantly speaks to us and gives us clues for the movement. We can listen to our bodies, and when we do so our dancing slows down inside us and gives our bodies time to react. Breath will be... Read The Rest →

Contemporary dance workshop for dance teachers

Playground and playfulness Intensive workshop for dancers and dance teachers. Learn: different tools and methods on how to create choreography for different dance styles. Improvisation: images, score and tasks, look into movement: space, energy, time, dynamic, quality, relations. Observe the movement, emotion, common movement (habitual movement) and learn how to expand vocabulary of movement. contact improvisation: lifts, falling down, jumps, sharing the weight, rolling points of contact, pushing and pulling. technique: learn dance sequence based on floor work.   WARSZTAT 1 – dla tancerzy różnych stylów – 3h od 11:00... Read The Rest →

Contemporary Dance Class

  Description A unique fusion between contemporary dance and contact improvisation, Magdalena’s class is a fun, energetic and creative alternative to other generic dance techniques and fitness classes. Suitable for all levels and open for beginners, the simple and easy to learn choreography will get you dancing and exercising without feeling the pressure of remembering steps. In this class, the dance material is a tool for having fun! We all have a natural ability to express ourselves through dance and movement, and this class will give you the opportunity to... Read The Rest →

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