Dual explores the emotional intensity of exhaustion, frustration and repetition in a relationship. No matter how much you love someone, the small things in life can become a strain on a relationship. Taking inspiration from observing people’s obsessions with habbits, consumption and how their bodies become home to an inner junk world, the piece explores how the little annoyances we all have in life can become a potent burden.

Choreography: Magdalena Radlowska

Dancers: Paweł Kuzma, Magdalena Radlowska

Music: Alex Judd

Lighting designer: Bozena Oleszkiewicz

Video: Performance in Theatre, Wałbrzych, Poland, April 2010

Cloud Dance Festival, London, July 2010




The greatest emotion

Is sometimes not enough.


Does not always conquer all.

Frustration, irritation, fatigue

These are simple emotions

But very damaging

Love Is not enough to stop them

Love Has to be very strong to survive

The aggravations in life

Love Is not always enough.


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