Dancers: Anima Dance Company – Jessica Rowell, Lydia Johns, Lorcan O’Neil, Kynam Moore.

Video: Performance in The Robin Howard Dance Theatre at The Place, London, July 2009.

Synopsis: As the lights come up a mysterious creature emerges from the darkness, bent forward awkwardly towards the ground, arms pointing skywards like antennae. In an almost animalistic approach she tentatively creeps forward, as though searching for her prey. Beyond her is a cluster of statuesque figures, motionless apart from sporadic bursts of twitching. Naked and exposed, they are huddled together but give the impression of being vulnerable. In a trance-like state the group shudder and tremble uncomfortably, as though infected by an alien disease. The ‚predator’ spots the group, angles her head towards them and the ominous music starts.

What follows is a study of the human body portrayed as something different, as something non-human. The main theme of the piece is separation from cultural influences and liberation from everyday convention and routines; everything that we, the performers and the audience, associate with the social meaning of humanity. Through researching the truth of the body free from outside influences, the choreographer focused on her fascination with ‚animalistic’ movement to use the human body to develop emotionally powerful material and express a state between perfection and humanity.

In between

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